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PostHeaderIcon The Dogs at Home

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PostHeaderIcon Michael and Andrew at the National Gallery of Victoria

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PostHeaderIcon The Dogs at Home

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PostHeaderIcon Home at Last

Our final day in the US took us back to Hollywood (to pick up some keys).

We went to:

“Ripley’s Believe it or Not” museum…..Ho hum..not worth it.
“Guinness World Records” museum…..Ho hum..not worth it.
“Hollywood Museum”…fantastic collection of memorabilia.  Even after the other two disasters we still enjoyed it.

And then it was 4:30pm and the plane home left at 11:30pm so how to kill some time…  We headed off to the LeBrea tar pits which were close by.  The museum was closed…but we were able to go and have a look at the pit.  And well, it was a bubbling black pit that smelled of fresh ashphalt.  It also had a few replicas of Mastadons around the rim..not very exciting but it did kill some time.

After 10 minutes at the pit we were again stuck for something to do.  So the building next door looked busy and we headed over.  It ended up being the LA County Art Gallery.  So we were able to spend an hour looking at a range of modern art and actually quite enjoyed ourselves.

We had a horrific meal at the restaurant next door to the tar pits (worst meal we ate in America) …not recommended. And we headed off to the airport and the long flight home.

The flight was pretty long.  The baby in front cried pretty much non stop for 10 hours.  I didn’t know that babies could sustain it for that long.  At the end of the trip there was a wide ring of passengers just waiting for it to end.  I really am just a bit grumpy about these things.


Anyway…the end of our holiday…..we will miss America.

We ate a number of excellent meals. Joel Robuchon (Las Vegas), the restaurant at the Getty Center (Los Angeles), the WaterMarc Grill (Laguna Beach) and the Hyde Street Bistro (Nob Hill, San Francisco) all stand out.  I also drank a range of very drinkable Californian wine.

* We were wondered at the number of tattoo’s and tattoo parlours.
* We were impressed by the quality of the fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets
* We were amazed by the size of the shopping centres and the number of lanes on the Californian freeways.

Also many people were friendly and kind to us.  Mary at the Yosemite Rose B&B  made us feel most welcome.  Couples we met at the baseball and in Yosemite were kind, helpful and welcoming.

Finally we had a range of unforgettable experiences:

* Got Married in Vegas with our family there
* Saw the spectacular coastline around Big Sur, the enormous Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park
* Went to the baseball and saw the ball hit out of the park
* Wore ‘Just Married’ badges around Disneyland
* Hand fed a Rhino at San Diego Zoo and had to wipe the slime off our hands
* Wandered through a live TV set and prop department at Universal Studios

So the honeymoon holiday was something we will long remember.

PostHeaderIcon Exploring San Diego

Old Town San Diego in the morning (a bit like Sovereign Hill, but free (and not as good)).

Hotel del Coronado for lunch.  This is where the movie ‘Some Like it Hot’ was filmed and it is a spectacular hotel and beach destination.  It was full of tourists like us.

In the afternoon we headed down to the Mexican border and the ‘Las Americas’ Outlet mall.  We were a bit hot and tired and mainly just browsed.

Finally for dinner we had Peruvian at a restaurant in the bohemian area called La Jolla.  Food was ok, I ate too much.

Tomorrow is our last day in America.


PostHeaderIcon Sea World

At the end of the holiday now and we are theme park Veterans.  We paid extra for parking so that we could park closer to the entrance.  We upgraded our tickets to the no queue options, all expensive, but we know by now that these really make the difference.

We walked in and headed straight to the Shamu (Killer Whale) show.  We walked passed people looking for seats in the boondock sections and found a seat in the ‘premier’ area. (Thank you upgrade ticket).  The show was great.  The killer whales were impressive.  The handlers had to do some pretty silly dancing and the music about love and everyone being part of one world was very cheezy.  The oddest experience though was that before the show, the trainer came out and asked all ex and serving military personnel (and US Allies) to stand and then everyone clapped for the heroes.

We saw the other shows and had fun getting very very wet on the water rides.  Our clothes are still soaked the next morning.  We are both a bit sunburned.  None of the shows had shade and in fact there was very few shaded areas in the entire park.

One of the little bits that did add to the day was the water ride.  There are hoses attached to the wall and for 25 cents people watching can fire extra water at the riders on the attraction.  Someone did this to us and we both had great pleasure after the ride in firing our hoses at others.

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