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PostHeaderIcon Universal Studios

Universal Studios was full of rides and a famous studio tour.
We upgraded to a VIP tour for the day.  This gave us accesss to all rides without queuing and we were part of a small 10 person tour group all day. After the length of the queues at Disneyland we wanted to skip that experience is we could.

We took the famous Studio Tour which is famous for the special effects on the tour. We experiences  the famous Jaws attack, were flooded and watched a 3D movie.  All of which were gimmiky and a bit of fun.

Because of our pass we had some added extras to the usual tour.  We walked around the set of  the  TV Show Parenthood, walked through the amazing junkyard that is the props department. We also walked through the backlot streets which was lots of fun, as our guide told us what was filmed where.

The tour finale was of course a drive down Wisteria Lane from the TV show Desperate Housewives.  Most of the houses had been used before for other tv shows such as the munsters, but they were all now done up for erate Housewives.

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  • Julie-Ann says:

    Hi Guys glad you are having fun that waterworld display was great love the DH photos they were filming when I was there so could not go down the street

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