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PostHeaderIcon Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and Hollywood

In the morning we headed off to Rodeo Drive - the small exclusive shopping district.  It was full of tourists and someone bought a bag…. The area did make us feel underdressed and we finished the morning having a drive around the mansions in Beverly Hills.

In the afternoon we headed off to Hollywood.  It was full of sex shops and tattoo parlours at one end of the street, but nice up the other end. We saw the walk of stars (at least half the people I didn’t know).  We saw the famous handprints (all who I knew), we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and went to see a movie ‘X-Men’, in Graumans Chinese theatre.  The movie was great and the theatre was gorgeous.  We were lucky.  When we booked, the girl behind the counter asked if we were tourists and then recommended a different session than we asked for, so that we could be in the main theatre.

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  • Julie-Ann says:

    I have a picture like that one only it was the Pirates movie that came out in 2007 on then Jo you should have layed a kiss on Leo someone just bought a bag that someone should have bought a whole lot more the Matt Damon prints were done the day after I was in that exact spot

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