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PostHeaderIcon Homes of the Stars…and on to San Diego

We bought a stars homes map, but gave up on trying to read it and we took a Stars Homes Tour instead.  A small open top vehicle.  We were crushed in and zoomed around to various properties and hedges as the guide told us who had lived, or who currently lived behind the walls and hedges that we could see.  It was actually a bit more fun than it sounds.  We passed properties owned by George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Nicolas Cage, John MacEnroe, Madonna, and properties where Orlando Bloom, Judy Garland, James Dean and Michael Jackson had lived in or died in.  We got a bit of gossip and actually had quite a bit of fun.

When the tour ended, we watched the preparations for the Green Lantern Premiere at Graumans Chinese Theatre.  We were ‘spewing’ that it did not coincide with our visit, but it was fun to watch them setting up the props, doing photo tests and putting out the ‘green’ carpet.

In the afternoon we drove a few hours down to San Diego.  We passed another traffic jam caused by a traffic accident.  We have passed quite a number of accidents on this trip.

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