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We headed up into the Hollywood Hills for a good view of the Hollywood sign.

A bit of traffic on the roads as we drove to Venice Beach.  By the time we arrived at the beaches, the weather had cooled.  There was quite a cold breeze coming in off the ocean and most people were pretty rugged up.

Venice was interesting.  A bit dirty, the smell of pot, and a number of strange people walking the streets.  Nice place to visit, but wouldn’t want to be there at night.

Santa Monica was not at its best.  It was just cold and hard to believe that anyone would be on the beach…but they were.  It looked a nice area.  Cleaner and nicer than Venice but the cold wind got its way and we retreated to the car.

Malibu was covered in fog.  I could nearly reach up and touch it.  We drove past Brad and Angelina’s house but could not see anything.  Not even a security guard.  Again, big wide beaches and huge car parks, but very few people on the beach.

We drove through peak hour traffic on the way back…and we wont do that again.  People leave bigger gaps between the cars than they do in Melbourne, but the traffic jams go on for miles and miles.

Peruvian for dinner…pretty average and disappointing after I was looking forward to it so much.  Ah well, we were pretty tired and very happy to get back to the B&B.

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